Glass tile for pool

Glass tile is perfectly suited for swimming pools, fountains and other wet areas. Glass is impervious to water and resists chemicals, Ultra Violet damage and thermal changes.

For best results, make sure of the following

  1. Look for a high quality glass tile that has been manufactured with pool application in mind
  2. Select glazes that are guaranteed chemical and UV resistant
  3. Make sure the back of the glass is designed to adhere well to the mortar (avoid smooth finishes)
  4. Glass tile assemblies should never have a mesh back and should always be face mounted
  5. Ask the installer to read and follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer
  6. Insist on a single source of setting materials from a reputable manufacturer
face mounted meshing for pool installation
face mounted meshing for pool installation
Interstyle's Nimbus color with Corundum
Interstyle’s Nimbus color with Corundum finish
Interstyle's Normandy color with Corundum finish
Interstyle’s Normandy color with Corundum finish
Deck and Waterline Marking
Interstyle’s deck marking is text vertically centered with corundum finish
Waterline marking is text ⅜” from the top