/ Alfonso Diaz

Glass blocks are popular in both commercial and home applications because they bring with them both transparency and mass – delivering a sophisticated blend of two apparent opposites: separation and inclusion.

Stylecap – A line of dedicated edging tiles that sustain the look and feel of glass block

A contemporary application for glass block is the partial or deconstructed divider. When used for this purpose the top and side surfaces of some blocks are left exposed. Until recently, it has been up to the buyer to either leave the opaque glass block edges exposed, or find custom plastic or ceramic fittings for them. In any case, the result has been surface edges that sharply contrast with the transparent look & feel of the blocks.

Stylecap, an Interstyle brand, has been introduced to bring buyers a more uniform surface with a line of fused glass tiles specifically designed for glass block. As the number of tiles required on a given glass block job is often small, the manufacturer accepts small orders from distributors. Colors and sizes are also customizable.

This product enables designers to approach a contiguous glass surface, bringing a more consistent, transparent feel to glass block partitions. When a substitute for traditional grout is invented for glass, one that is similarly transparent-looking, an uninterrupted, functional glass surface will finally be within reach.