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Selection, purchase, cutting and glass tile installation information. Included are Showrooms, how-to slides and background articles on the various types of vitreous tile.

In the store: buying tiles

making a mosaic

Many glass tile consumers are first time buyers. From their store just outside of the 2010 Winter Olympic village in Vancouver BC, retailer Creekside Tile walks us through selecting custom tile blends. PHOTO ESSAY

A River of Glass Runs Through It

Drouin mosaics

For centuries, glass has been a featured material in mosaic media. Featured work by artist Sophie Drouin involves several types of glass, along with other mosaic materials. PHOTO ESSAY

How to Make Room for Fixtures

drilling glass tile image

Drilling tiles to accommodate fixtures. A demonstration of a Figure Eight cut, using a diamond coring bit and a simple plywood form. PHOTO TUTORIAL

Making Waves, not Footprints

Eco tiles

"Futureproofing" tile production. For a growing number of buyers, how something is made is as important as the product itself. A look at three very different tile makers, and how they've built environmental concerns into the bottom line. ARTICLE


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