Glass tile with furniture

Covering an everyday object from top to bottom with glass.

Furniture artist John Moore of Splash Furniture builds durable chairs with a combination of stainless steel, ductile iron, chromium, fiberglass, marble. He then upholsters them with American and Italian glass tiles. Why glass tiles?

Glass has been used as an adornment for ornamental chairs since the Byzantine era, but what Moore is doing is something different – covering an everyday object from top to bottom with glass. An avid surfer who grew up and lives in San Diego California, all his life Moore has been enchanted by the effect of twilight on the ocean waves as they move to the shore. He credits these natural elements for his inspiration for these chairs:

“The moon’s reflection on the ocean is indescribable. Each wave glistens with diamond-like reflections as they crest and roll to shore.”

Spash Furniture chairs, with their rolling contours and clear, reflective surface, echo the effect of undulating, reflected light. They are suitable for indoors or out, and can withstand wind, sun and rain – conveyed by their slogan: “Interior charm is now waterproof.”

In Europe, celebrated German designer Jürgen Mayer H. has also come up with a line of contemporary seating using glass mosaic pieces. From a distance, this indoor furniture appears to be just as solid as Splash’s, but their “soft mosaico collection” is something else again. This furniture is made with a soft foam seating covered with Bizazza mosaic pieces, which enables this bright, easy-to-clean surface to adapt to the contours of the body.